Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At the Top Looking Down...

Today is Wednesday the 8th of April. I am very sorry we didn't update everyone yesterday. Sivi had her surgery yesterday in the morning and it took most of the day. She went into surgery around 7 in the morning and we got to see her at 6 in the evening. The surgeon really scared us before the surgery telling us that he had never done this much work on one heart. so we were pretty scared all day. Our little girl is a fighter and she made it through the operation and everything is looking good. Because of all of the swelling in the chest area sivi's chest was left open until the swelling goes down. There are many, many machines hooked up to our little girl. It is truely amazing the advancments in medicine which are allowing for our baby to be able to get the help she needs to get better. (I will take a picture today of what it all looks like), We are very encouraged and happy with how the surgery went and how Sivi is doing today. The head physician called her current status "remarkable" and we are praying for a speedy recovery. If the swelling continues at its current rate they will be able to close up her chest tomorrow. Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers as we know these are huge factors into the success thus far. I would like to especially thank Sivi's grandmothers, Nancy and Shari, their support and love has been wonderful. Also Auntie Tessie, she has been such a HUGE help with our boys and has been helping us so much. Thank you and will update again later today. Sivi's great Grandpa Lowe has been able to come by and bless Sivi a couple of times. We have felt the spirit and would like to let him know how comforting that has been. Thank you. OFA ATU.


  1. Look at her precious face when she smells my breath... see D it doesnt stink yours does!! Love you Sivi!!! Tessie I love and miss you!!

  2. We are glad to hear Sivi is doing better. your family is in our prayers. She is a Beautiful girl:) We love you guys...let us know if we can help.