Thursday, April 9, 2009

Road to Recovery...

It is Thursday April 9th, Our daughter is doing really well and is improving in nearly every way possible. When Ali and I woke up we went to see our daughter and the nurse had done her hair and put a bow in it. It was really cute. She has a really big curl right on top of her head and then a bunch of smaller ones. The nurse told us that the doctors are going to try and get her all closed up today. The nurse also told us that Sivi is really strong and recovering extremely fast. All indications are that Sivi is on track(actually ahead a little bit!) with her recovery. I will try and update this later today if she is able to be all closed up today. Thank you to everyone that has had our family in your prayers and everyone who has lent us their support. It's times like these that really put into perspective how many people really care for us and our family. Ofa Atu.

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