Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Today is Monday April 13, 2009... Wow, sorry its been so long since I last posted a comment. Well baby Sivi is doing wonderful. She is doing so well, so rapidly the doctors and nurses have been blown away with the speed of her recovery(that's my little girl!). Over the weekend Sivi has been taken off of the breathing machine, she has had her catherter removed, the two drainage tubes were removed from her as well as the big drainage tube that was in near the heart. Sivi was on nearly 15 different meds after surgery and now is only on 1 that helps thin her blood, while her I.V.'s are still in so not to form clots around them. Sivi now is all sewn up and is much more attentive and happy. While we were at her bedside the head physician in the P.I.C.U. came by and said to us that, "someone must have given her instrucions on how to get well." We are very happy and very blessed with the way Sivi is recovering. On Easter we were able to actually hold her and we didn't want to put her down! Also, as was very important to mommy, Sivi was able to wear her Easter dress!( I have never seen anything so beautiful). We are so lucky and blessed to have the love and support surrounding us. I hate mentioning names because there is always someone left out, but I would like to send a special thanks and We Love You out to Erin, Isabelle, Jill, Russ, Grandma's, Papa's, Tessie and everyone. I have never before in my life felt so blessed and We are truley grateful. Ofa Atu.


  1. Oh my gosh, that dress looks sooooo cute on her! I love it.... I miss her.... She looks so healthy... her arms are so chubby... and her cheeks.... love you Sivi....
    Love, Sivi Lahi

  2. She is beautiful. I love that dress. Good to hear she is such a fighter:)

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  4. Hey there!! So you guys are going to think I am crazy!! LOL. I don't even know how I ended up here. All I know is I was on facebook, hit a link and now I am here. But it is kinda ironic because about two weeks ago I drove through Springville which made me think of you guys. The last time I talked to you, Ali, you didn't even know your due date. Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulations!! I can't even imagine what you guys have gone through. She sounds amazing and it helps to have strong parents which I know you both are. I know we haven't seen eachother in quite a while but if you guys need help with anything I would love to help. It sounds like your beautiful lady has been through quite a trip in her short time on Earth. I will pray for her and your family tonight and I hope everything is well. I would love to know. My email address is Love you guys!! And OMG your boys are charmers!! They are adorable... I am so happy I finally got to see pictures!!