Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Today is Monday April 13, 2009... Wow, sorry its been so long since I last posted a comment. Well baby Sivi is doing wonderful. She is doing so well, so rapidly the doctors and nurses have been blown away with the speed of her recovery(that's my little girl!). Over the weekend Sivi has been taken off of the breathing machine, she has had her catherter removed, the two drainage tubes were removed from her as well as the big drainage tube that was in near the heart. Sivi was on nearly 15 different meds after surgery and now is only on 1 that helps thin her blood, while her I.V.'s are still in so not to form clots around them. Sivi now is all sewn up and is much more attentive and happy. While we were at her bedside the head physician in the P.I.C.U. came by and said to us that, "someone must have given her instrucions on how to get well." We are very happy and very blessed with the way Sivi is recovering. On Easter we were able to actually hold her and we didn't want to put her down! Also, as was very important to mommy, Sivi was able to wear her Easter dress!( I have never seen anything so beautiful). We are so lucky and blessed to have the love and support surrounding us. I hate mentioning names because there is always someone left out, but I would like to send a special thanks and We Love You out to Erin, Isabelle, Jill, Russ, Grandma's, Papa's, Tessie and everyone. I have never before in my life felt so blessed and We are truley grateful. Ofa Atu.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Road to Recovery...

It is Thursday April 9th, Our daughter is doing really well and is improving in nearly every way possible. When Ali and I woke up we went to see our daughter and the nurse had done her hair and put a bow in it. It was really cute. She has a really big curl right on top of her head and then a bunch of smaller ones. The nurse told us that the doctors are going to try and get her all closed up today. The nurse also told us that Sivi is really strong and recovering extremely fast. All indications are that Sivi is on track(actually ahead a little bit!) with her recovery. I will try and update this later today if she is able to be all closed up today. Thank you to everyone that has had our family in your prayers and everyone who has lent us their support. It's times like these that really put into perspective how many people really care for us and our family. Ofa Atu.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At the Top Looking Down...

Today is Wednesday the 8th of April. I am very sorry we didn't update everyone yesterday. Sivi had her surgery yesterday in the morning and it took most of the day. She went into surgery around 7 in the morning and we got to see her at 6 in the evening. The surgeon really scared us before the surgery telling us that he had never done this much work on one heart. so we were pretty scared all day. Our little girl is a fighter and she made it through the operation and everything is looking good. Because of all of the swelling in the chest area sivi's chest was left open until the swelling goes down. There are many, many machines hooked up to our little girl. It is truely amazing the advancments in medicine which are allowing for our baby to be able to get the help she needs to get better. (I will take a picture today of what it all looks like), We are very encouraged and happy with how the surgery went and how Sivi is doing today. The head physician called her current status "remarkable" and we are praying for a speedy recovery. If the swelling continues at its current rate they will be able to close up her chest tomorrow. Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers as we know these are huge factors into the success thus far. I would like to especially thank Sivi's grandmothers, Nancy and Shari, their support and love has been wonderful. Also Auntie Tessie, she has been such a HUGE help with our boys and has been helping us so much. Thank you and will update again later today. Sivi's great Grandpa Lowe has been able to come by and bless Sivi a couple of times. We have felt the spirit and would like to let him know how comforting that has been. Thank you. OFA ATU.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today is Sunday the 5th of April, grandma Nancy and Shari and papa Chris were able to come by today.
As well as Tess n Isaiah. It has been a really good day for Sivi and us. Sivi is regaining a lot of strength and is scheduled for further testing tomorrow to let us know when the surgery will be for sure and also give the surgeons a better idea of what they are going to attempt to do. Gamma Shari brang up our boys which is extremely nice and uplifting, and also a lot of work and headache!!! Here are a couple pics we took today, This is Sivi all hooked up to monitors and everything and also a pic of our two little monsters! Daddy had to pull this wagon around for quite a while to get one asleep, but Nova had plenty of tokens to keep the ride going!!! The saddest thing that happened today was when Nova walked up to Ali and asked where his baby sister was.... Mommy had to take a deep breathe and told Nova baby sister was sleeping. Once again we would like to thank everyone for your love and support. We are truely lucky and very blessed to have the family and friends that we do. Ofa Atu.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Today is Saturday April 4th, our daughter was born 1 week ago on the 28th of March. We are starting this blog to update all of our family and friends of what is going on with our baby. Baby Sivi was born with some major heart defects(5 to be exact). These defects were not known until a couple days after she was born. When we left the hospital after she was first born all was well with her she looked great and showed no signs of what was to come. On or around the 2nd night sivi started showing signs that she was not feeling well. After we took baby Sivi in to our physician he took her vitals and then called for an ambulance to take her toUtah Valley MC in Provo, Ut. What happened there was like a scene from the movies. I stopped counting the different number of Doctors and Nurses and Pharmacists and x-ray tech's at 25+... As I look back Ali and I were cuddled into the corner with our eyes wide and jaws almost touching the floor, as all of these health professionals rushed to save the life of our beautifal 3 day old baby girl. By far the scariest time of all of this was those several hours as the countless doctors and others scrambled to stabilize and save our daughter. After she was stablized she was transferred up here to Primary Childerens MC. It would take a few days to fully explain in detail what exactly went wrong(and is wrong) with Sivi, so we are going to start posting now and will update it at least daily. As of today Sivi is doing really well and looks to be feeling a whole lot better. She has regained a lot of her color and weight. On Monday they will take another look at her heart as well as her other major organs and decide whether to have surgery Tuesday or Wednesday, as well as exactly what their surgery "gameplan" will be. So yeah, as of now Sivi is stable, resting, and regaining the strength that she is going to need for the surgery. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and we are very thankful for all of the support that has been given to our family through this whole process. Ofa Atu.