Saturday, April 4, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Today is Saturday April 4th, our daughter was born 1 week ago on the 28th of March. We are starting this blog to update all of our family and friends of what is going on with our baby. Baby Sivi was born with some major heart defects(5 to be exact). These defects were not known until a couple days after she was born. When we left the hospital after she was first born all was well with her she looked great and showed no signs of what was to come. On or around the 2nd night sivi started showing signs that she was not feeling well. After we took baby Sivi in to our physician he took her vitals and then called for an ambulance to take her toUtah Valley MC in Provo, Ut. What happened there was like a scene from the movies. I stopped counting the different number of Doctors and Nurses and Pharmacists and x-ray tech's at 25+... As I look back Ali and I were cuddled into the corner with our eyes wide and jaws almost touching the floor, as all of these health professionals rushed to save the life of our beautifal 3 day old baby girl. By far the scariest time of all of this was those several hours as the countless doctors and others scrambled to stabilize and save our daughter. After she was stablized she was transferred up here to Primary Childerens MC. It would take a few days to fully explain in detail what exactly went wrong(and is wrong) with Sivi, so we are going to start posting now and will update it at least daily. As of today Sivi is doing really well and looks to be feeling a whole lot better. She has regained a lot of her color and weight. On Monday they will take another look at her heart as well as her other major organs and decide whether to have surgery Tuesday or Wednesday, as well as exactly what their surgery "gameplan" will be. So yeah, as of now Sivi is stable, resting, and regaining the strength that she is going to need for the surgery. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and we are very thankful for all of the support that has been given to our family through this whole process. Ofa Atu.

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  1. Our Father in Heaven knew that Sivi would need a strong family and mostly a strong mom and dad. I know that there was not a more perfect family to take care of her and love her. Even though it is hard right now, just think of it as a honor to know that god thinks high enough of you to send you a special baby with special needs. Hang in there, our family loves and supports you.